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Our Concerned Citizens for Justice mission are to help the community

provide direct support to our black individuals intertwined with the criminal justice system. This includes supporting individuals experiencing racial discrimination and lack of mental health services.


The mission to also help parents of youth in grades 7th-12th prepare to navigate policies and procedures within the public school system understand their rights and responsibilities as they relate to standardized testing.

Board of Directors

Rep. Rickey Thompson,
Sheila Thompson,
President / Treasurer
April Penny-Montford,

Rickey Thompson is the founder / CEO of Our Concerned Citizens for Justice. He is MS House of Representative, District 16 (Lee / Monroe Counties). Rep. Thompson was a prior judge for Lee County, MS.

Shelia Thompson, who is the wife of Rep. Rickey Thompson serves as general overseer of the day-to-day matters. She deals with issues the citizens have in the community. Sheila Thompson network with potential sponsors on implementing fundraisers.

April Montford volunteers her spare time to Our Concerned Citizens for Justice by ensuring the CEO & President's plans are carried out in a professional and timely manner among other administrative duties.

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